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Decoding Cyber Complexity, Delivering Secure Solutions

The Cadien Team is made up of expert, seasoned professionals who live and breathe cybersecurity and are committed to delivering the highest quality incident response and digital forensic services that are fast, efficient, and accurate.

Core Capabilities & Expertise

We possess a protective nature, an analytical mindset, and the technical skills necessary to safeguard your interests.
Incident Response
Digital Forensics
Expert Witness testimony

Who We Partner With

Cadien partners with insurance companies and law firms to provide targeted and comprehensible insights during cyber attacks. We help you know what occurred, ensure operational continuity, and minimize the impact.

Insurance carriers
& Brokers

Cadien is designed from the ground up to integrate with the insurance industry. From our people and methodology to our technology and capabilities, we are built to serve your insureds when they need us most.

& Regulators

Cadien delivers the detailed analysis and reporting you need to effectively navigate any complex legal landscape. We conduct collections quickly, remotely, and with minimum intrusion to you and your client — all while meticulously adhering to rules of evidence.

& Security Providers

Bolster your managed services portfolio by leveraging Cadien’s digital forensics and incident response expertise. Fortify your cybersecurity arsenal, enabling you to provide even more robust protection and peace of mind for your clients.


collective years of experience


hours of testimony


hours of expert witness testimony


CyberSecurity Certifications

The Cadien Promise

Our team of experts combined has more than a century of experience in responding to cybersecurity incidents, collecting and analyzing digital forensic evidence, and assisting legal teams in the toughest of matters. We are the best and brightest from the public and private sectors, hailing from the Air Force, Army, FBI, HSI, Kroll, Verizon, Lodestone, and Palo Alto. Cadien’s mission is to call on that wealth of diverse experience to deliver fast, efficient, and accurate results to all of our clients.

Our Team of Protectors, Defenders,
and Industry Experts

Josh Dann
Chief Executive Officer
Allyn Lynd
Senior Vice President
anthony knutson
Tony Knutson
Principal Investigator

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